Reliable babysitters
in Stockholm

With focus on creative child care & language development since 2008
Reliable babysitters
in Stockholm
With focus on creative child care & language development since 2008
Our experienced babysitters pick your children up from school / preschool, fix snacks or dinner for them, and do creative activities until you get home
Regular pick-ups
When you are in the middle of your career and family life, it can be nice to hire a babysitter who can help with picking kids up 1-5 times a week.
Help with a baby
If you are going back to work when your child is still too small for preschool or you are waiting for a place, we offer full-time or part-time nanny services.
Babysitting in the evenings and on weekends
We can also help when you need a quiet evening or weekends for yourself. Maybe you want to exercise or go shopping on your own. Or you would like to visit a nice restaurant with your partner.
Help with mother tongue / or second language
If you want your children to get better at speaking their mother tongue or learning a new language, we offer bilingual babysitters.

Do you struggle with creating a good balance for your kids between screen time and old-fashioned play?

Hire a babysitter

Our babysitters activate your kids by

Our babysitters play with children
Playing is absolutely crucial for children's development. Our babysitters play with children both indoors and outdoors.
Our babysitters read for children
Reading and discussing
The more we read to our children, the more their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them grows.
Our babysitters doing crafts with children
Doing crafts, painting, baking etc are not only good for creativity and development of motor skills – all these activities also affect kids ability to learn fast.
babysitters who can teach your child another language
Learning languages
There are many benefits of being bilingual. This is why we offer bilingual babysitters - babysitters who can teach your child another language.
With a babysitter |

Top benefits of hiring a Bilingual Babysitter

bilingual kids get higher scores in tests
Cognitive Development
  • Higher scores in tests
  • Better problem solving and creative thinking skills
  • Earlier reading and comprehension development
  • Increased memory capacity
Bilingual kids can easier integrate in different cultures
Cultural Advantages
  • Bilingual kids are more likely to have greater appreciation for different cultures
  • Deep connection/bond with people from different cultures
Bilingualism gives social benefits
Social Development
  • Increased ability to focus on tasks and manage behaviors
  • Getting more confident and engaged socially
Practical benefits for bilingual kids
Practical Benefits
  • Ability to learn other languages more quickly
  • Increased job opportunities
We can help finding a babysitter in any language

European languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish,
Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish
Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Swahili, Hindi, Farsi, Georgian, Mongolian, Urdu, Persian, Amharic, Tagalog
We can help finding a babysitter in any language

Our prices

Price plan
Kreativa barnvakter "Bundet"
Bilingual Babysitter "Bundet"
188 kr / h
188 kr / h
Bound 1**
12-23 h/m
176 kr / h
180 kr / h
Bound 2
24-35 h/m
168 kr / h
172 kr / h
Bound 3
36 + h/m
158 kr / h
162 kr / h
All prices are incl. VAT and after RUT deduction

In the oboundet price plan, no notice period applies, so you or your babysitter may terminate the agreement whenever you wish. We cannot guarantee 100% that your babysitter is available anytime you wish. You and your babysitter decide what days he/she would work.

In the boundet price plan, each party has a two-weeks notice period. You and your babysitter schedule two weeks in advance. The babysitter should be available on the agreed days.
*** Bilingual Babysitter

A babysitter speaks another language than Swedish with children.

Contract Conditions

Minimum charge for babysitter
Minimum charge per shift
is 3 hours
Extra charge on weekends for a babysitter
Saturday, Sunday and red days there is an additional charge of 20 kr/h efter RUT
Payment for a babysitter
Payment is via invoice (10 days). We send invoices by email
Extra payment for babysitter in the evening
Between 21.00-07.00 o'clock there is an additional charge of 20 kr/h after RUT

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Satisfied customer guarantee
100% customer satisfaction guarantee -
if you are not satisfied, you do not pay the first week
No binding or notice period when choosing an unbound price plan
No extra costs
Free of charge until you choose to continue with our babysitter