Terms & Conditions

The first meeting with a new potential babysitter is always free of charge!
The first meeting with a babysitter
Therefore, you won't be charged until we've found a candidate you want to hire. The customer and the babysitter agrees when, where and how often the service is to be performed. Payment is made by invoice (10 days). Minimum charge per shift/opportunity is 3 hours.

Additional prices (regardless of which price plan):
  • Between kl 21.00-07.00 there will be an additional fee of 20 kr/h after RUT deduction
  • Saturday, Sunday and red days are an additional 20 kr/h after RUT deduction

Bilingual babysitter- babysitter who speaks another language than Swedish with kids.

We have insurance coverage in the form of liability insurance, company insurance and accident insurance for the employees at IF.
The Unbound Price Plan

In the unbound price plan, no notice period applies, so you or your babysitter may terminate the agreement whenever you wish. We cannot guarantee 100% that your babysitter is available anytime you wish. You and your babysitter decide what days he/she should work.

The unbound price plan is very flexible but brings reduced security for both employees and customers as we can not guarantee a minimum number of hours per month for the babysitter and a higher availability by the babysitter (for the customer).

The Bound Price Plan

In the bound price plan, each party has two weeks notice period. When selecting the bound price plan, the customer will schedule all shifts with his/her babysitter at least two weeks in advance. The babysitter should be available on your appointed days. The agreed schedule does not need to be sent to us, it is only to ensure that the babysitter is available on your appointed days.

In the bound pricing plans, it is important that you reach a certain amount of hours per month otherwise you will be charged the minimum monthly charge as per the following;

  • Bound 1: Min. charge/month is 12 h. Equals approx. 1 shift/week
  • Bound 2: Min. charge/month is 24 h. Equals approx. 2 shifts/week
  • Bound 3: Min. charge/month is 36 h. Equals approx. 3 shifts/week up to fulltime

It is up to the customer to check that the minimum monthly charge is reached.
The number of hours per week and the days the babysitter can work may vary according to the customer's needs and the agreement with the babysitter.

First month (bound price plan)
Since many new customers may not start with the childcare right at the beginning of a month (first shift), we do not charge a minimum amount (hours) for the first month. During the first month, we charge by the selected hourly rate x number of hours purchased.

If your child or babysitter is ill you first try to schedule a new date. If this is not possible, you need to notify us, and we will not charge you anything for the affected hours.

Vacancies / Holidays or breaks:
If you want to take a break from your childcare you will not be charged if you notify us at least 7 days before. If you let us know less than 7 days prior, you will be charged the minimum charge for that period, which varies depending on the price plan you have selected.

For example, if you plan to not have a babysitter during the summer (1 June - 31 August), you need to notify us by the 16thof May.

The application for this, "Ledighetsansökan", is made through our parents' membership portal;
Change price plan

If you have chosen a bound price plan, you always pay a fixed minimum charge. If you wish to change to another price plan please do the following. Firstly, check with your babysitter that she/he is okay to either go down or up in hours. In some cases, we may need to find a new babysitter for you.

If you decide to change the price plan, please do so on our member portal: and click on the link "Ändra prisplan" and fill in the form.

If you wish to change your price plan you need to do so at least 7 days before the 1st of the following month. If this happens less than 7 days before the 1st, the price change will be made from the 1st of next coming month.

The general terms may change from time to time. When changes are made, they will be published on our website As a customer, you are informed that if you continue to use our services after changes have been made in our Terms and Conditions, you are bound by them.

In case babysitter need to use public transpost with kids

If babysitting involves traveling by public transport together with the children, the customer must compensate the babysitter's costs for traveling. The customer and the babysitter agree on how the compensation will look like.