First Meeting with the family

Our guide will help you navigate your
first meeting with a family

Scheduling a meeting
Since both you and the family expressed interest in meeting, we have provided you with the parents' contact information and suggested contacting the family either by phone or text message.

Contact the family as soon as possible! it is
important that you contact them within 1 - 2 days!

Once you scheduled the meeting please let us
know the date for the meeting.

Physical or digital meeting?
Depending on what parents are comfortable with, they can suggest meeting you either at their home along with the child/children or choose to meet at another place such as a cafe or similar.

It is very important to come to the meeting on time!

It has also become popular to have the first meeting digitally. However, many still prefer to meet offline later when kids are present.
How much time does it usually take?
Allow an hour to meet the family, so you can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

However, the meeting can take shorter or longer, depending on how it goes.

A piece of advice might be to wear comfortable cloth so that you feel relaxed and also can play a little bit with kids if that feels appropriate.

Note (!)
The first meeting is usually a "get-to-know" session therefore
we do not pay any salary for it.

What is important to discuss at the first meeting with the family?

We have provided you with some information about the family in the email but please go through the important details on the meeting
How often family needs help?

    Discuss which days and times the family needs help with babysitting. Will it be a fixed schedule or do they need the flexibility to change days according to their needs?

    How does pick-up work?

      Where is the preschool/school located? Is it within walking distance? What route home is the best? Is it okay to stop at the playgrounds and play on the way home?

      Ask about children's eating habits, such as the amount of food they typically eat and the pace at which they eat. Will you be responsible for handling snack times, reheating already-made food, or preparing dinner for the kids?
      The little ones

      Ask questions about kids character, habits, and daily routines. Do they like to paint, play soccer, or dance? Maybe the child(ren) is going through a phase where they do everything opposite to what adults saying? :))
      Health-related aspects

      It's important to ask if there are any allergies in the family or if you are allergic to something including food allergies and allergies to certain substances, such as pet dander or pollen.
      Beyond allergies, there may be other health-related considerations that you should be aware of.
      Big "NO"

      Ask parents if there are any guidelines or restrictions in your family for children when the parents are not present. For instance, regarding the consumption of sweets or ice cream; playing video games, watching TV, etc
      Special wishes

      The other aspect to discuss is if there are any particular activities or responsibilities that parents have in mind that they would like you to prioritize during the time you are with children.
      Language/ Bilingual babysitters

      It's important to establish clear communication about the language to be used during their babysitting.

      For example, some parents may prefer that you do not reveal your fluency in Swedish to the child, or they may want you to translate everything you say into Swedish for the child's language development.
      Household duties

      Sometimes parents expect the babysitter to help with household chores. It is important to discuss it during the first meeting. Household chores are not typically part of the babysitter's duties. Nevertheless, it is ok to agree on helping with minor household tasks such as emptying the dishwasher, etc in case you feel comfortable with it.
      Note that
      If parents have any questions about billing or agreements, please refer them to contact us at Barnakademin for more information!

      Example of how the first meeting can go

      Can be a good idea to start with a "fika"!
      The level of comfort during the first meeting with the family may vary. If you are new to Sweden or have never worked with a private family before, it is normal to feel a bit uneasy.

      The family's and children's feelings can also vary. It is possible that the children have never had a babysitter before or have fond memories of a previous babysitter, and are now skeptical of a new person.

      Having a cup of tea together can be a good way to start. When the children see that both you and the parents are comfortable with each other and the atmosphere is friendly, they usually relax and become curious.
      ❖ Be relaxed, open and positive! A smile goes a long way.
      ❖ Give open answers (not only yes/no answers).

      ❖ Ask questions and shows interest in kids. That will show your dedication and the parents can see more of your lovely personality!
      Focus on a kids
      Once you've discussed important aspects of the job it might be a good idea to take a trip to the children's room together. Let the child shine by showcasing their favorite possessions, such as toys, artwork, and books.

      If the child/en seems comfortable, you can try spending some time alone with them for 10-15 minutes. This can be a great opportunity for you and the child/en to get to know each other. But if the child is too young or shy that might be unnecessary.
      Please DON'T
      ❖ Do not discuss the salary with the family.
      It is Barnakademin who is deciding on a salary rate.

      ❖ Do not discuss the possibility of helping the family privately.
      It is not allowed to help families we matched you with, outside our agency.
      There is a penalty that can be applied if that happens.

      Ready to move forward with the family?

      • Follow-up

        After the meeting, we'll follow up with you and the family to see if you're both ready to move forward.
      • Contract

        The next step is to sign an employment contract with us.
      • First session

        After signing the contract family will get in contact with you and agree on the time for the first session.

      We hope this information has been helpful in preparing you for your first meeting with a family
      • Question:
        Will the family inform me at the meeting if they want to proceed with me
        Usually, the parents want to chat with each other after the meeting about their experience. But sometimes they can inform you already at the end of the meeting that they would like to proceed and can even book a date for you to start.
      • Question:
        Do I need to get back to Barnakademin or wait until you contact me after the meeting?
        We appreciate it a lot if you send us an email after the meeting and tell us how the meeting went and if you want to continue working with the family. If you have any questions please let us know and we will call you as soon as possible.
      • Question:
        What hapends after the meeting?
        After the meeting, we are checking if both you and the family decided to work together. If so we offer you both to sign a contract.
        When the paperwork is done you and the family agree on the schedule and decide what days a week you will work.
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