It is a babysitter's responsibility to submit working hours on our online platform.
Keep proper records
Write in your calendar days family asks for your help. Also, use SMS communication with parents so you can trace back dates you agreed on.
Never miss a schedules pass
Find a routine that works for you so that you never miss a schedules pass. Check every Sunday what days your agreed to help and put a reminder.
Be avaliable
Try to be available when the family needs your help. Discuss your availability with the family in advance so that they can count on your help when needed.
How to submit hours you worked?
We only accept hours you register online in our system
(!) Hours sent to us by email or SMS will not be accepted

Link to online registration
Go to http://barnakademinstockholm.se/schema
It is easier to submit your hours on a computer
Login information
Användarnamn: (YYMMDD-XXXX)
It is your personal/coordination nr (Ex: 850101-1234) or your date of birth YYMMDD
(Ex: 850101) in case you don't have any number yet)

Lösenord: Write your surname as you wrote in a contract.
Submitting timesheets
Start with choosing the date you worked by clicking on the calendar on the right.
Write the start time and the finish time.
For example: 15:30- 18:45.
Click on "Lägg till". The program will automatically calculate the number of hours you worked.
It is very important that you submit working hours for a month you woked no later than 3rd of the month following the working month.
Note that we have a 3-hours-policy-pass that means that you get paid for a minimum of three hours at a time even if you worked a shorter pass. That means that you always register 3 hours (unless you worked a longer pass).

The exception to this rule is when you need to finish earlier or if you came late to work. In this case, you register the actual hours you worked.

Note, that some families ask for 2,5 hours pass and sometimes we agree to that. In this case we notify the babysitter in advance.

If the family starts discussing a shorter pass with you directly , please advise us first before you agreed on it with the family.

Morning pass. If your family needs help with leaving kids at the pre-school in the morning then 2-hours-policy-pass applies.
I don't have a personal number yet
If you don't have a personal number yet please write your date of birth: YYMMDD.

Make sure to inform us of your personal/coordination number as soon as you obtain one!
When can I log in for the first time?
You can log in once we register your personal number in our database. Usually, one day after you sign the contract.
How often do I need to register my hours?
You decide if you log in your hours every time you work, every week, or once a month. Important that your hours are registered no later than the 3rd of the month following the working month.
When my salary will be paid?
The salary is paid on the 25th of the month following the month when the job was performed.
If your first working pass was in January the first salary payment will be 25:th of February.
How to check my payslips?
Login to http://barnakademinstockholm.se/schema. Click on Lön.
The history of all your payslips will be stored there. The payslip for the month you worked is normally available after the 15th of the following month. (10 days before the payment day).
What if the family cancels my pass with short notice?
We kindly ask both you and the family to give at least 24-hour notice. But now during the Covid pandemic, we allow even shorter cancelations. That means that if the family cancel the pass even with a short notice you do not need to register it in our system.
I can't log in
Most probably you are putting your personal number in the wrong way.
It should be 6 digits - 4 digits: YYMMDD-XXXX. E.g. 200112-1223

It is also important that you use a hyphen, as in our example.
Link to online registration doesn't work
If you click the link but it takes you to the page where you can no longer submit login information, it means that you put the wrong information 3 times. The page is locked now. To unlock the page please close the browser you are using (e.g. Google Chrome) and open it again.

Note that it will not help if you only close the page you had opened. You need to close the browser.
I managed to login but I can not register any pass
Some browsers have settings that prevail information from saving. We are trying to fix it, meanwhile please try to login with another browser.
The hours I worked in a previous month has dissapeared
Once we have issued invoices and sent them to the families you will no longer be able to change the information you submitted earlier. Buvvt your hours have not disappeared. You can still see them if you click on "Föregående".
Contact us:
The best way to contact us is to reply to any email you previously received from us.
Our team members are checking inboxes regularly.

You can also send an email to hello@barnakademin.com
or call +46851783143.