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5 reasons why you should hire a BILINGUAL babysitter

We at Barnakademin specialize in Bilingual Babysitting. This service is widely used by families who want to raise their kids bilingual. Usually, these are the families where mom and dad speak different languages, or the family has an international background. It is common that in these families the parents would like their kid (kids) to speak several languages from early childhood.

So bilingual babysitting is one of the ways to help kids learn another language faster and in a more creative way. To put it in simple words, a bilingual babysitter (nanny) can speak the second language to your kids in a natural environment. This allows the kid(s) to absorb everyday words and idioms from a native speaker.

Bilingual babysitter / nanny

Below I will name the top 5 reasons why you should hire a bilingual babysitter for your child:

Kids learn faster at a young age
It is not a secret that learning a new language can be as simple as just playing for small kids. Their brain digests new information, new words, and surrounding circumstances quickly and with ease. For small kids, it is normal to pick up several languages at once. So if your kid is put in another language’s environment at a very early age, he will very quickly adjust to it. By the age of 3 or 4, these kids not only understand a different language well, but most of them can speak this language. And hiring a bilingual babysitter is one of the best ways to introduce your kid to another language naturally.

Opening your child’s mind
Parents may worry that introducing one more language to their child at a very young age can cause some trouble with the child’s native language. But it does the opposite! When your child is exposed to several languages at the same time, and here we are talking about this natural environment with a bilingual nanny, his cognitive skills greatly improve. The kid thinks faster, listens more carefully, and solves problems easily in comparison with other kids. When communicating with a nanny, your child learns new words, deciphers different meanings, and adjusts to thinking in a multilingual environment. So his or her mind is open to more opportunities and “channels”.

Full immersion in another language
Studies show that the best way to learn a new language for a child is a full immersion in it.
There are different ways of creating this full immersion. One of the ways is of course to place your child in a preschool or school with a second language program. However, most parents do not have such an opportunity.

The other way is to hire a bilingual babysitter. While taking care of your child, a babysitter can teach the child to associate new words and phrases through personal experience. For example, while walking in the park or when having fun at the playground, your nanny can name the things and objects, for example how to say “sky”, or “sun”, or “grass”. When talking to the kid, a bilingual nanny speaks her native language with a special sense and intonation of this particular language. Such sensory memories can be very helpful for the child when learning another language.

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International family
bilingual babysitter nanny / barnvakt

Your child is exposed to another culture
A bilingual babysitter not only teaches your child a second language in a natural way but also introduces your child to the culture of this language. While communicating with your kid, a bilingual babysitter can tell your child about history, traditions, food, and habits in a different country and culture. This is a great opportunity for your child to receive interesting information and open up to something new in a playful and creative way. Some research shows that bilingual people are better at understanding people than monolinguals.

Learning a new language with a babysitter is fun
For a child spending time with a bilingual babysitter is a more natural and relaxed of learning a language than at school or with a tutor. There are no books, boring exercises, multiple repeating, and other language class training.

With a bilingual babysitter, your child is placed in an environment where regular activities such as eating, hanging out, walking in the park, playing games and ordinary household simple tasks are offered in a different language. And kids just take it as a norm and react to it also in a different language. The most important part here is that majority of language learning with a bilingual babysitter happens in the form of a play. This is especially fun for the kids.

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